SAGE House is a safe place for LGBTQ youth and those who love them.


SAGE House will provide a home for adolescents and young adults in need 24/7 including meals, clothing, uninterrupted education, and much more.

Counseling & Support

SAGE House Naples will provide individual and family counseling tailored to benefit LGBTQ+ youth in strengthening their relationships and family bonds by providing an open and supportive environment to explore the dynamics that challenge healthy relationships for the LGBTQ+ person and their loved ones.

Our integrated mental health program for LGBTQ+ youth will employ a comprehensive approach, meeting an individual’s needs through a combination of individual and group counseling, peer-based support, emergency mental health assistance, and referrals to community providers for long-term care.

SAGE House will offer holistic programs including animal, art, and music therapy programs to enrich our clients’ lives, help relieve stress and help our youth express themselves

Community & Leadership

SAGE House Naples will provide leadership roles in LGBTQ+ youth organizations and mentorship by SAGE House staff, board members, volunteers and partners. 

SAGE House Naples will provide programs for personal and professional development opportunities, including experience working with a non-profit and recommendations for higher education and/or employment

Sage House will partner and collaborate with like-minded peers and organizations to take an active role in changing the community

Social Events & Programs

SAGE House Naples will offer opportunities for both residents and non-residents to participate in different activities with others who have similar interests, needs or identifications.

All LGBTQ youth in Collier County are invited to socialize, be creative, have a new experience, or just have some fun:  Art, music, movies, fitness, and much more

Education Fund

SAGE House Naples recognizes the obstacles that LGBTQ students often face when trying to access education.

Through our scholarship program, SAGE House Naples will identify and support LGBTQ+ students in the SW Florida area to achieve their full academic and leadership potential.